Our Team

Owner/Sound Designer/Mixer    Jordan@Polar-Sound.com

Owner/Sound Designer/Mixer


Jordan Lederman

With his passion for sound design and intricate mixes, Jordan uses his creative flow to construct stunning soundtracks that listeners can’t help but become immersed in.

Jordan couldn't think of a fun pun like Braden, but in his free time he likes to chill out. 

Owner/Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor  Braden@Polar-Sound.com

Owner/Sound Designer/Dialogue Editor


braden creel

With his desire to change the way he perceives the world around him, Braden audibly transforms everyday scenarios into beautifully crafted soundtracks for clients and audiences to enjoy.

He also loves puns, which makes him the coolest member of Polar Sound. 

Operations Manager/Dialogue Editor  AlexV@Polar-Sound.com

Operations Manager/Dialogue Editor


Alex vaca

With his fascination in maintaining the intricacies and details within the original performances in a film, Alex manipulates and restores the original recordings to sound as clear as possible, while also enhancing the original through re-recording and replacing.

Production Sound Mixer   AdamB@Polar-Sound.com

Production Sound Mixer


adam borel

With his ever expanding knowledge of location sound technologies and techniques, he strives to deliver the highest quality product by using creative problem solving skills and years of experience in his field.