Services & Deliverables

We create sound that stands out. We are here to push boundaries and create experiences that tell your story through quality audio.

Our Deliverables

Full Mix- Full Mix- The complete package: Every element that goes into the final project is delivered to you as one audio file.

M&E (Music and Effects only)- A single audio file with only music and sound effects. This is typically used to dub over original dialogue for foreign languages. 

Dialogue, Music and Effect Stems only- Separate audio files for dialogue, music, and sound effects only. 

DME Dialogue, Music and Effect only- Three Separate audio tracks with, music, and sound effects only. Typically used to remix a final product for different releases.

Our Services

Sound Design
& Foley

Add detail to your film with sound effects originally recorded and mixed by us or built from some of our thousands of SFX libraries - With Foley, provide realism by re-recording footsteps, clothing, and other unique sounds.

Stereo & 5.1 Mixing

Industry-standard leveling, Stereo Mix ( Recommended: short films, commercial projects, music videos.), 5.1 surround sound mix (Recommended: theater/festival use.) & Dolby Atmos (Recommended: for theater use.)

ADR, V/O & Narration

Replace on-screen dialogue or record voice over for on-screen picture or off-screen narration. 

Downmixing & Upmixing

Downmix your 5.1 mix to stereo or upmix your stereo mix to 5.1 surround sound.